Taj Residencia

It is a housing society that is bringing an immense variety of nature, luxury, and quality for its residents.

Taj Residencia Overview

Taj Residencia, A name of class and livelihood with world-class amenities where you can make your dreamy living a reality. It is a housing society that is bringing an immense variety of nature, luxury, and quality for its residents.

Taj Residencia Housing Society
This project is about to give us many exceptional and outclass facilities with a luxurious lifestyle to boost our standard of living with a high caliber of elite amenities.


Taj Residencia

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Taj Residencia Details


The big bull of real estate Sardar Group of Companies is a well-known name in the real estate industry as they have delivered amazing high-rise projects in past years. Now, they have announced their upcoming high-end residential plus commercial project at the fabulous location of Islamabad.

After the successful collaboration of foreign investors with the Sardar Group of Companies in the Centaurus Mall Islamabad, Now the developer and owner of Taj Residencia, Sardar Group of Companies is proudly heading towards its decided milestones.

As we know, it is a well-reputed company with a strong history of developing luxurious real estate projects in Islamabad that have brought us a trend-setter and sensational investment project by the name of Taj Residencia. They have decided to deliver a winsome to meet our expected standard of accommodation with the bliss of natural and maintained atmosphere.

This Iraq-based company has particular experience in the field of the automobile industry that also includes the sales and rental jobs of cars.


The vision of the Taj Residencia housing society is to endeavor the mission of SGC by spreading the quality of residence equally available for everyone.

They want to provide high speculation of safe and serene environment where all of the globally esteemed administrations can be easily get in touch of the habitants. Nothing has been greater than seeing the thoughts and objectives, appearing as reality directly in front of our eyes.

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The government has passed all the basic approvals regarding this project and now the no-objection certificate (NOC) has been granted to Taj Residencia.

Now the development of Taj Residencia has been started and also the possession is being awarded to some of the blocks.



In a very limited time, the construction of four out of eleven portions is under process and soon will be available to get possession.


This project is combining art and luxury in a perfect setup that will be full of an elite core of amenities to fulfill the investing grades.


Whenever anyone buys a property, one and the only thing that matters is the location, location, and location, and the developer of Taj Residencia has cared about your investment. Taj Residencia is located at the perfect central location of Islamabad and it is with the click touch of CDA Sector I-14. By crossing

I-14 and I-15, we can easily get into Taj Residencia in a short time.

To fulfill the needs of daily life whether it is food or shopping, Taj Residencia is going to be fully equipped with shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutes, banks, and a lot more.

Last but not the least, the housing society is connected to twin cities Rawalpindi & Islamabad as well as near to New Islamabad International Airport.


The developer of the project has promised to provide a non-stop supply of utilities likewise electricity, water, and gas to the residents of the society. 


Taj Residencia is a very sophisticated and astonishingly designed project by the creative experts of architecture.

The total land of Taj Residencia is 10,000 Kanals and it contains residential plus commercial plots in 11 blocks with the cutting of 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. Four blocks of them are developed that are called Block A, B, C, and D.

The wide and separate roads for walking and driving along with lush-green areas redefine the beauty and spark of the environment.

Let’s have a look at its pre-launch payment plan: 


The location of this project is very idealistic and along with this, it is situated in a busy populated area because of many other housing projects. So, we are discussing here the access points that are feasible for the people to destine the Taj Residencia conveniently.

As the I-14 and I-15 are the neighbors in its locality, so travelers can easily get to Islamabad by the link road. Furthermore, it doesn’t end here because the new Islamabad International Airport is a very nearby 25-minute drive from the Residencia along with the time-saving distance of The Centaurus Mall.

For emergencies in health care, Quaid e Azam International hospital is just a blink away from the alluring housing society.

So the location of the project is a much important investing attraction for the investors.


Let’s have a look at the facilities and features that are being available at this amazing housing society.

Whenever investors or buyers look for any property to invest their money or sources, they always prefer the best and reliable featured projects. By keeping that in mind, the developer has managed all the key features for investors or residents. Let’s have a look at them;

Health is the main and important factor for humans so taking care of yourself and in time treatment can make you live healthier. The health centers will be established in the project area and will be equipped with all the latest and modern machinery to grant the best of health services by the expert team of the medical field.

Sport is a favorite part of everyone whether it’s young or old. Because it keeps you refreshed, happy, and fit. There’ll be a sports block for game lovers to stay in touch with the activities of national or international sports.

A sports block will consist of a cricket pitch, a football arena, a badminton net, and an indoor sports center are all in the pipeline work. A Mini Golf course will also be available to the residents of this project.

Every living standard has a slogan of 3 words, Water, Electricity, and Gas.

There will be a no-stop power supply of water, electricity, and gas to the residents for performing their daily routine tasks on a short note and by the full practice of personal ethics.

Taj Residencia has taken full precautions to avoid any kind of inconvenience in the supply of all above mention facilities. A 24/7 supply of water, load-shedding free electric power, and non-stop gas will be provided to fulfill the daily needs of the living.

As a reference, our religion Islam has given the right of seeking education to every man and woman, and there is no discrimination in this likewise for color or cast.

Education teaches a human all the right and wrong differences among every niche of life. So the Taj Residencia will be establishing the outclass and modern trend rival educational institutes for instance schools, Colleges, or Universities for keeping it as simple and effective to find the best education for the residents.

To worship and glorify the one and only Allah Almighty, this is obvious that the project management has built a captivating mosque Jamia Mosque for the habits of Taj Residencia to praise the creator five times a day wholeheartedly in a peaceful environment along with their Muslim brothers.

The interior and exterior of unbelievably fabulous and eye-catching architecture attract the people to come here for prayers to get a pleasant and delightful atmosphere of peace.

One more important part of any residential or commercial area is the security of that locality to build a safe and secure environment for the residents who are living or working in that area.

Taj Residencia will be enriched with all the necessary security that includes the overall side boundary wall with high-quality concrete that will be risk-free of unknown entries from unfavorable areas. 

All activities will be monitored by the top-notch security surveillance team that shall bring a feeling of comfort.


As we mentioned at the start that Taj Residencia is offering the best and reliable installment plan for investment in the outstanding residential plus commercial project.

This project is offering to invest in the 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plot sizes. To get your resources invested in Taj Residencia in installments, you’ll have to pay the 20% down payment and the remaining amount shall be paid in the monthly installment plan. If the total amount transfers in a single payment against the property, a 6% discount on the total payment are offered for the investor. If you are buying a plot in a category like Corner plots, Main Boulevard, and Park face so a 10% discount will be applied.

Let’s have a look into the installment plan of Taj Residencia;

In commercial and residential plots 20% down payment and a total of 6 quarterly installments of the remaining amount in 1.5 years.

For booking confirmation, a 20% down payment has to be paid by the investor. A 6% discount will be offered on full payment of the property. But if the category is included like a corner, boulevard, or park facing, then a 10% extra amount will be due to be paid against the total price.

The booking of a plot can be applicable after paying the 20% down payment and the remaining amount of 10 quarterly installments shall be paid in a scheduled time of 2.5 years.  15% extra charges shall be applicable on the main boulevard above 100 feet road. But if the category is included like a corner, boulevard, or park facing, then a 10% extra amount will be due to be paid against the total price.



Down Payment 395,000 PKR
Installment No. Month of Installment Amount
1 January 1, 2021 106, 563 PKR
2 April 1, 2021 106, 563 PKR
3 July 1, 2021 106, 563 PKR
4 October 1, 2021 106, 563 PKR
 5 January 1, 2022 106, 563 PKR
6 April 1, 2022 106, 563 PKR
7 July 1, 2022 106, 563 PKR
8 October 1, 2022 106, 563 PKR
9 January 1, 2023 106, 563 PKR
10 April 1, 2023 106, 563 PKR
11 July 1, 2023 106, 563 PKR
12 October 1, 2023 106, 563 PKR
13 January 1, 2024 106, 563 PKR
14 April 1, 2024 106, 563 PKR
15 July 1, 2024 106, 563 PKR
16 October 1, 2024 106, 555 PKR

Taj Residencia has brought a 3.5 Marla plot for residential investments. This plan got huge interest from the investors due to its easy and affordable price plan. The booking of the 3.5 Marla plot can be done by paying the down payment of 20% and the rest of the amount shall be payable in 16 quarterly installments for 4 years.


Dream villas of Taj Residencia are full of excellent interiors and exterior that can mesmerize the sight. The payment plan for dream villas is mentioned below;


Down Payment 850,000 PKR
Installment No. Schedule Amount
1 1st Quarter 225,000 PKR
2 2ndQuarter 225,000 PKR
3 3rdQuarter 225,000 PKR
4 4thQuarter 300,000 PKR
5 5thQuarter 225,000 PKR
6 6thQuarter 225,000 PKR
7 7thQuarter 225,000 PKR
8 8thQuarter 300,000 PKR
9 9thQuarter 225,000 PKR
10 10thQuarter 225,000 PKR
11 11thQuarter 225,000 PKR
12 12thQuarter 300,000 PKR
13 13thQuarter 225,000 PKR
14 14thQuarter 225,000 PKR
15 15thQuarter 225,000 PKR
16 16thQuarter 300,000 PKR

The booking of 8 Marla plots can be done by paying the down payment of 20% and the rest of the amount shall be payable in 16 quarterly installments for 4 years.

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Taj Residencia is a smart move of investment for its residents for a ravishing lifestyle that will be full of classy and modern facilities. So invest today and get a high standard of lifestyle in the future.