The real estate market of Pakistan has got a hike in the last few years. It has become one of the developing businesses in Pakistan. Investment in property is one of the most triumphant and beneficial ways of putting your sources in the future. A colossal number of people who are residing abroad or in Pakistan, all of them keep interested in profitable investment.

Taj Residencia Payment Plan Of 3.5 Marla

Taj Residencia Payment Plan Of 3.5 Marla

Here we would like to introduce to all the people the Taj Residencia commercial and residential project. It is a highly recommended housing project in regard to accommodation in Islamabad at the finest luxury with marvelous planning and design.

A new and phenomenal luxury living destination for your coming life is going to be Taj Residencia. It is the smart and well-grounded investment opportunity with all the commend able and modern-day needs of everyone.

Sardar Group of Companies, the developer of this residential plus commercial project has left all of us amazed by the exceptional infrastructural plan and architecture of their successful commercial hub of Islamabad and outclass residential accommodational project “Centaurus Mall”.

This project has the best and ideal location near Islamabad that is an economic hub for business and residence as well.

But at the same time, they have a few worries about the investment for instance where to invest? Which project is worth trustable? What are the ROIs? Is Pakistan safe for trusting in a long-term investment?

So here are some basic but informative details about TAJ RESIDENCIA.


One of the important documentation for developing a housing project, the NOC (No-objection Certificate) plays the role of backbone. Every development has to be approved by the concerned authority of development.

No objection certificate of Taj Residencia has been received by the approval of RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). Basically, RDA is responsible for the geographical placement and dominion of the project site. So after this, Taj Residencia can officially run media campaigns and conduct the booking operations including new bookings of Taj Residencia and also the new transfers.


Are you interested in real estate investment? Do you want to secure your investment in a valuable project in Islamabad? So you are at the right now. The Plot rates of Taj Residencia are so appealing to those who want a luxury loaded with built-in technological amenities.

Taj Residencia has exemplary and awe-inspiring beauty in its design and plans. Currently, it is surfacing the second phase as the first phase got a huge and impressive splendid response from the investors.

According to the launched plots, property sizes of 3.5, 5,8,10 Marla along with 1 and 2 Kanal size plots of residential category area within easy reach for investment purposes. Also, it is providing the commercial plots of 14 Marla, 1, and 2 Kanal. The Taj Residencia payment plan provides the facility of 20% down payment option if the investor wants to avail the opportunity of installment plan of Taj Residencia by the developers.

Along with that, the Dream Villas of Taj Residencia is also accessible in the following sizes in different categories as 14 Marla Villa, 10 Marla Villa Mediterranean, 10 Marla Villa Eclectic, 10 Marla Villa Modern, 1 Kanal Villa, 1 Kanal Model Villa.

Here is favor of a 6% discount for the buyer if the full payment of the property transfers in a single payment. On the purchase of group plots, such as side plots, Main Boulevard, or the park facing, the developers will grant you a 10% discount.


As mentioned above, the new booking of any property in Taj Residencia, the investor can avail the 10% discount upon the full payment as per policy of Taj Residencia. As following the3.5 Marla installment plan of Taj Residencia, the investor needs to pay the 20% down payment and the rest of the amount within the scheduled installments per month.

In the following table, we are sharing the pre-launch rate of 3.5-year installment plan of Taj Residencia to get a property in the world-class housing project.

Down Payment395,000/-
Installment No.Month of InstallmentPayment of Installment
011stJanuary 2021106,563/-
021stApril 2021106,563/-
03July 2021106,563/-
041stOctober 2021106,563/-
051st January 2022106,563/-
061stApril 2022106,563/-
071stJuly 2022106,563/-
081stOctober 2022106,563/-
091stJanuary 2023106,563/-
101stApril 2023106,563/-
111stJuly 2023106,563/-
121stOctober 2023106,563/-
131stJanuary 2024106,563/-
141stApril 2024106,563/-
151stJuly 2024106,563/-
161stOctober 2024106,555/-
Total Amount2,100,000/-

In revised payment plan, there is an increase in overall price plan of Taj Residencia.

Let’s have look into the revised payment plan of 3.5 Marla residential plot;

3.5 Marla Revised Payment Plan
Down Payment460,000/-
Installment No.Month of InstallmentPayment of Installment
011stOctober 2021127,500/-
021stJanuary 2022127,500/-
031stApril 2022127,500/-
041stJuly 2022127,500/-
051stOctober 2022127,500/-
061stJanuary 2023127,500/-
071stApril 2023127,500/-
081stJuly 2023127,500/-
09October 2023127,500/-
101st January 2024127,500/-
111stApril 2024127,500/-
121stJuly 2024127,500/-
131stOctober 2024127,500/-
141stJanuary 2025127,500/-
151st April 2025127,500/-
161stJuly 2025127,500/-
Total Amount2,500,000/-

FAQS About Taj Residencia:

Q1: Is Taj Residencia legal?

Ans: As per the grant of NOC (No-Objection Certificate) by the concerned authority RDA, the housing project Taj Residencia is entirely legal and approved for residential and commercial investment.

Q2: How many blocks are there in Taj Residencia?

 Ans: Taj Residencia has Eleven blocks in total and four blocks are developed in a mean of premium and luxury living.

Q3: When was Taj Residencia launched?

Ans: After receiving NOC from RDA, Taj Residencia has been launched on the 5th of October, 2019. Now, it can officially run media campaigns and conduct the booking operations including new bookings and transfers.

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