Rawal Palm City

Rawal Palm City is another spectacular and most awaited housing society full of outstanding and marvelous amenities. 

Rawal Palm City Overview

Rawal Palm City is another spectacular and most awaited housing society full of outstanding and marvelous amenities. It is to bring an astonishing and near to nature surrounding for a healthy lifestyle. Rawal Palm City is offering an immense variety of royal luxury as the slogan of the project is “File Nahi, Plot Khareeden”.

Rawal Palm City will be full of eye-catching design and the best infrastructural plan to boost your daily need in a proposed manner. This high-end residential housing society is specifically designed to fulfill the desire of low-income earners to get the house of their dreams.

Rawal Palm City

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Rawal Palm City Details


The developers and owners of Rawal Palm City are KK Developers. It has the best known and manifest history of developments around the major cities of Pakistan. After many years of hard work, they have gained this success and won multiple awards in reward for their outstanding cooperation in the real estate sector.

In past years, they have delivered multiple eye-catching high-rise developments and the construction of houses, and KK Developers also do some engineering consultancy.


Rawal Palm City is all set to launch a new and sensational lifestyle for those who always dream of their lovely home at a fully facilitated place for a comfortable life.

The basic plan behind this housing project is to endeavor the availability of luxury and class to low-income generators. People who want to get their family a provoked and marvelous futuristic living should get their plot in Rawal Palm City.

Rawal Palm City Gallery


The KK Developers have announced the master plan of Rawal Palm City if we talk about its features so this society can be touched by the main entrance with a 100ft wide main boulevard that leads to all blocks of the society with an easy and quick approach.

Here comes the estimate of total land, which is around 4000 Kanals. This housing society will be giving all the modernized facilities to its residents and the comfort of luxury.

Block A and B are in the developing phase, and the Development is enhancing very fast. The commercial zone for business purposes is proposed on the right side of the main entrance.

The location for residential purposes is selected after the first roundabout of the society.


Whether residential or commercial, high-rise or housing society, every project relies on its legal status and attracts more investors. The Naya Pakistan Housing Program approves Rawal Palm City. It has submitted its documents to the local regulatory RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) to get the legal status as an approved housing project.

It is confirmed that by fulfilling all the legal requirements, this project will get the NOC Within less time.


The main thing that attracts an investor is the location of any housing society. It plays a major role in adding value to its importance.

Rawal Palm City can be approached by the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

One important vicinity is Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2 that is located near to it. Along with that, some other easy access to this housing society is through New Islamabad International Airport, the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, and National Highway N-5.

If we take a look at its surroundings so:

  • 15 minutes from M-2 Motorway, Chakri exit
  • 10 minutes from the Rawat-Chakbeli interchange
  • Thirty-five minutes from Islamabad International Airport.
  • 16 minutes’ drive to Kachehri Chowk.
  • 10 minutes from Phase 8, Bahria Town and the main gate are located nearby a short drive.

    Let’s look at a residential payment plan that offers you the best affordable opportunity to build your home.


    Here we share the payment plan for commercial investments to get land and start your own business at the best location.


    Whenever a project launches, it shares a payment plan in the initial stage to allow investors to get a property on behalf of an amount.

Let’s have a look at its pre-launch payment plan: 


Rawal Palm City is a new visionary housing project that has come up with a unique and attractive slogan buy plot, not file.

This society will be providing outstanding residential and commercial amenities that everybody dreams and wishes for.

Rawal Palm City is offering commercial hubs to fulfill its residents’ basic and premium needs. 

People buy property in a well-equipped society for a comfortable and luxurious living. The society will be offering a non-stop supply of basic facilities like water, electricity, and gas to fulfill your daily day tasks in a quick manner. The developer has promised to provide a living full of comfort and facilities with all high-quality amenities in and around society.

Some other facilities are the following:

  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Modern Infrastructure & Elegant Planning
  • State-Of-the-Art Development
  • Natural Gardens
  • Preserved Landscape

Rawal Palm City is eager to provide the best health facilities to its residents. It also offers the best and most updated health centers to take good care of patients with ultra-modern health facilities.

Parks are an attraction for kids because they enjoy living their time as per their wishes. So how can Rawal Palm City neglect it? The society has a selected site for creating a theme park for kids and a jogging track with exercise corners to help people improve their health.

Now comes the zoo to keep children introduced to the animals of different species that nature has created for humans. Some special and rare animals species will be caged in the zoo to entertain people with a large variety of creatures.

Education is the key factor that differentiates between a human and an animal. The best and most renowned educational institutes will be providing the educational facilities in Rawal Palm City to ensure the bright future of our children for our country.

A beautiful Mosque will be available for all the society’s residents to train themselves and children to obey a life with social and religious patterns. There will be a huge space for offering prayers.

This society will be a fully gated community along with fully functional high-tech security cameras to look after the society. A patrolling team of highly experienced and trained guards will be searching in the housing society for making sure the safety of the residents.


Whenever you start thinking about a property or house, keep the following things in your mind as pre-guidance for purchasing property: 

Before purchasing a property, no matter the location, do verify its legal presence, such as NOC, when you invest in a housing project to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

Allow yourself to keep a specific budget for purchasing an easily affordable property and never overshoot to that limit. It will keep you satisfied and out of stress by spending over budget on a property.

Choose a very feasible location for all family members or relatives to approach within less time. This will keep you safe in terms of any emergency and urgent need.

As we shared, the location should be very convenient to all the family members and the connectivity to the main city or major localities around the society. Moreover, the transport facility is also important to approach the daily needs of traveling and working.

If you get any plan by any housing society or any real estate property by someone, visit the property’s location and get the information properly.

Basic amenities are also recommended to be near to your property.

Hospitals immediately rescue the patients for quick treatment.

Schools to upgrade the future of your kids and make them better citizens.

Shopping malls for fulfilling your daily needs of grocery and shopping.

Mosque to allow yourself to worship the Allah Almighty five times a day to bow down for collecting his blessings.

Gym to keep you fit and healthy by exercising daily to remain active.

Park and zoo to enrich the mind and soul of your kids to bring them close to nature and healthy activities for a healthy body.


Some documents are required for booking a plot or property over your name to make it legally acceptable.

Visit the head office of Rawal Palm City with the following documents:


Rawal Palm City will be offering you all the world-class amenities with high-end infrastructure in terms of providing a happy place for you and your loved ones.

Suppose we talk about its prospects to be the best destination for low-income earners to fulfill their dream of owning a home. It will also be near to major vicinities such as ring road, Bahria Town phase 8, Kachehri chowk, etc.

Moreover, after completing the ring road, society gains a huge rise in prices and attention for investors.


By investing in Rawal Palm City, you’ll experience a life that is enriched with an extravagant lifestyle with world-class amenities to make your dream come true for a royal living. It will be peaceful and full of luxury to allow you to breathe in a healthy and comfortable environment.


Q1: Who is the developer of the society?

Ans: KK Developers has received the responsibility of developing Rawal Palm City.

Q2: Where is the society located?

Ans: The society is located near Gorakh Pur and Ring Road.

Q3: Is this NOC approved?

A: The society is approved by Naya Pakistan Housing Program. It also has submitted its documents to the concerned regulatory department, and soon, it will receive the NOC.

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This society has all the basic and premium facilities required to lead a comfortable and peaceful life. In my opinion, Rawal Palm City is the best for low-income earners to fulfill their dream of buying a property at a perfect location at an easily affordable price. Do contact HOPE Pvt Ltd for more investment information or booking details.


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