How to keep qabza-mafia away from your property when land or plot grabbing by some strong mafia groups is a trend everywhere in Pakistan, especially in our major cities like Karachi and Hyderabad. Still, we must not ignore other areas of Pakistan as well.
In this blog, we’ll share some important and informational suggestions for our investors/clients about how to keep qabza-mafia away from your property?
If you don’t take care of your property after buying so, some qabza mafia people can lay hold on your property. Not only a plot of land but a house or plaza that is not in working order can also be grabbed by those stealers.


First, get the whole information regarding the real estate property you’re thinking of buying. Then, make sure that there is no possession of anyone on the property except the owners.
The investigation of the property can save you from many problematic issues in the future. After receiving the documents, the second step you should take is to inform the regulatory authorities concerned in your region. Let us tell you that CDA, KDA, LDA, and RDA are the regulatory authorities in real estate property matters.
CDA stands for Capital Development Authority, which works in Islamabad, RDA stands for Rawalpindi Development Authority, which operates in Rawalpindi, and KDA stands for Karachi Development Authority, which leads the property matters of Karachi city. Last but not the least, LDA stands for Lahore Development Authority that holds concerned with property transfer matters in Lahore city.
This bond of connection with concerned authorities will keep you safe and aware of your property matters against the qabza mafia.


Some people may think that it is not compulsory, but we suggest all the people build a boundary wall around your property (land/plot). The boundary will develop an active sense of your presence regarding your property. Moreover, it is a signal of awareness to grab-mafia or qabza group that the owner or occupant of the concerned property is looking after his land and keeping an eye on the property.
If it seems costly to you, create a half-segment wall and place a board with the name and contact to make it public in terms of the security of the plot.
Sometimes you must have seen that people do wall chalking of not for sale to warn people that the property is under someone’s ownership and he’s not willing to sell it. In this way, people get to know and feel a sense of fraud by some manipulators.
This activity helps the owners and saves the buyer’s money to get notified before the time of the fraud.


Now here comes another important part that is very important to play. After getting a property, you must make sure that you keep visiting the property for a couple of weeks. This act will keep you aware of the surroundings and inform you about any illegal construction on your plot/land.
Along with that, you should contact neighbors around your property so they can also look after and inform you about any illegal process that happens there.
Not only this, but you should also be in touch with all the property dealers and agents introduced as the owner of such property. It can be beneficial for you to remain updated about the activities in that area. In case any fraud or land mafia tries to snatch your resources.


Documents can change the whole game if they get misused. So always take care of your documents and keep them safe in banks. Along with that, make your presence sure at photocopy shop or while that process. It is very easy to make fake copies of the original documents by their photocopies, which can lead to a serious problem for you.
Try to get more copies in a single process to avoid using your original documents repeatedly.


Whether it’s an empty house or land without any security, it gets occupied or grabbed by the land grabbers’ mafia group. So if you want to avoid such situations, you must hire a security guard for your property if you’re living abroad or living far from that place. A security guard can take good care and keep you updated on your property.
HOPE Marketing Pvt. Ltd always ensures its clients and investors get updated regarding property matters and endeavors to provide research-based information to keep you aware of real estate matters.


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