Taj Residencia is a spectacular and high-demand residential housing project by the Sardar group of companies in the locality of Islamabad. This project is well-equipped with ultra-modern desired living accommodations and all modern-day needs. It is an excellent proof of magnificent architecture along with the quality-coveted design of a marvelous residential housing society.

Is It Good To Invest In Taj Residencia

Let’s have a detailed discussion about investing in Taj Residencia.

In this blog, we are sharing some absolute beneficial reasons to invest your finances in this housing project.

The developer of this project Sardar group of companies has a benchmark in the real estate field as they have delivered a spectacular commercial and residential project named by Centaurus Mall. For now, their upcoming project has already grabbed a huge place in terms of investment among buyers who are looking to choose only the best.

The best part of this project is that the developer company is offering the booking of plots in installments when the plots are ready for possession. As it shows that it’s a very rare opportunity.


Taj Residencia Location:

As we all know that Taj Residencia locates near two parallel sectors as I-14 and I-15 that are busy and expensive areas of the locality. Islamabad is a city that is growing very quickly but also demanding a residential solution. So Taj Residencia is the best and easy way to get a high-living standard at an alarming rate.

Some of the prominent places likewise Allama Iqbal colony, Afshan colony, CPEC Route, Misrial, but most important is Islamabad International Airport are located in the vicinity of this housing society that adds one more star to its worth.

Approved by RDA:

Any real estate development that takes place in any region of Pakistan, It is necessary to acquire the approval of NOC (No-objection Certificate) for all kinds of development projects to announce its legality and authenticity to the buyer or investor.

All the construction of development in the project’s premises is entirely authorized because Taj Residencia has acquired the NOC from the regulatory authority of RDA.

Easy Installment Plan:

Taj Residencia has designed the easy installment plan by keeping in mind the easy payment method of any property that an investor wants to buy in the housing project.

Another reason for investing in Taj Residencia is the easy installments plan with a 20% down payment for booking a property.

At the start, 20% of the down payment has to be paid by the investor and the rest amount is due to be paid in affordable installments. This payment plan makes it easy for a person to get a property at a prime location.


As long as the population of our country is increasing day by day and the resources of amenities are becoming less according to the demand of supply.

Taj Residencia has a mind-blowing master plan in that the best amenities are offered to the residents of the society.

They are:

All of the above-mentioned amenities are basic but highly impressable by the quality of development.

Security & Safety:

Every project, whether it is a high-rise building or a housing society, has a plan of design and development. Along with that, the management also takes care of the security and safety of the residents and also their assets.

Taj Residencia does not compromise the security of its residents. It is providing the services of highly-maintained and professional security teams. The entrance and exits are fully secured so no forbidden entry can be done so in this way, no unauthorized person can enter the boundaries of society.

Not only this, the CCTV cameras are functionally working in the housing society to provide an extra secure feeling to its residents. On the other hand, armed security guards do patrolling for a crime-free living.

High Returns on Investment:

This project has all the salient features that can easily give you beneficial high returns on investment. How? Let us tell you in detail, in the above blog, we have given the details about the Taj Residencia’s features, amenities, and facilities that the project is offering by promise. So, if you invest in the residential category, you can live a life of luxury and facilities of top-rated modern needs under the same roof as the housing society.

By investing your finances in Taj Residencia, You can earn very obvious and high returns on investment. The reason is that as you know that the plan has entered phase 2 so the number of houses and commercial expansion will increase. In this way, the demand will increase because of its key features whether you buy a plot of a constructed house. With the passage of time, the cost of the property will increase and you’ll see the hike in your investment’s return.

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