Gulshan e Wahab

Gulshan-e-Wahab Housing Scheme

The diminishing affordability to purchase the expensive real estate has triggered the massive influx of housing societies across Pakistan. The primary reasons behind these numerous legal (as well as illegal) housing schemes and societies are the rising living standards of average Pakistani citizens alongside other urbanization factors. In Punjab, the affordable housing in the vicinities and suburbs of large metropolitans is getting quite popular. The people’s interest in buying suburban properties in these housing schemes is partly because of the shrinking spaces to accommodate more people in the mega cities such as Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad and partly due to the unlivable conditions and costly living standards in these cities. The traffic problems, loadshedding, ever increasing crime rate, heat waves, and many more determinants compel residents to shift from practically unlivable and expensive city life to the more tranquil and affordable housing societies.

Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme is located near Faisalabad district in Tehsil Samundri. The society is placed at a perfect spot which is accessible to Faisalabad city through well-maintained paved roads and comprise all the basic facilities that are available in a modern housing society. Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme is still in its development and construction stage, which is why the pricing for plot possessions are kept low, virtually at throwaway rates for the early birds. Moreover, the housing society rests in the middle of Samundri Tehsil which means that the pricing would be moderate compared with housing societies that are nearer to Faisalabad. The housing scheme claims to offers high-end facilities at low-end pricing for residents as well as investors.

Developers and Owners

Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme is a pilot project initiated by various private investors and landowners. Officially, Hussain Developers takes care of Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme. However, the development works are also carried out by individual realtors, which signifies that Gulshan-e-Wahab is not a single-owner mega project but a mini-sized housing society that is in its primary development stage with more investments bound with its initial successes. Presently, the project is being advertised by HOPE Marketing. More details about the developers and joint owners have not been published by the scheme management or their marketing partners. According to HOPE Marketing, the plots can be booked directly through installment plans as well as through upfront direct investments. Rana Talha Amir, Mehran Shoukat, and Rana Zain are the current booking managers for Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme.


Master Plan

The master plan for Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme according to the latest available sources is an Italian-designed residential homes ranging from 3.3 Marla to 10 Marla plot sizes. The master plan includes a completely secure gated community with parks, schools, paved roads, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, sui gas, electricity, water, drainage, and modern sewerage facilities. The proposed master plan also comprises community masjids, a hospital, and top-notch commercial facilities for the residents once the preliminary construction works are completed.


NOC Assurance

Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme offers legitimate land ownership through its multiple owners and investors. The housing scheme is the first such scheme initiated in Samundri Tehsil. The complete NOC assurances by Scheme management were provided when contacted by us. Additionally, the plot possession is instantly handed over by the property owners after the down payment is completed.


Direction / Maps

Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme is located in Tehsil Samundri at 137 Road, near Aspire College Samundri, District Faisalabad, Punjab. The project’s location is well-thought-out by its developers as it nears at least two main roads, including the G.T. Road towards Faisalabad. The housing society is easily accessible from Gojra, Dijkot, and Faisalabad as well.

Residential Payment Plans

The residential plots are offered at market competitive pricing plans on upfront and post-paid payment system. For a 3.3 Marla plot (20×45), the pricing plan is 5,50,000 rupees per Marla, which means that the total price of the plot would be 18,33,000. Additionally, buyers are required to pay 1/3rd of the original price as down payment and the rest of the amount on quarterly or yearly installments. Currently, Gulshan-e-Wahab housing offers quarterly, annual, and 1.5-year installment plans for its 3.3 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, and 10 Marla residential plots. The complete payment chart is provided in the table below.

Commercial Pricing Plans

Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme has not provided any further information about the commercial pricing plan as the project is currently in its initial stage.


Pre-launch Prices

All the prices mentioned for residential plots are offered as pre-launch rates. Now, the scheme is undergoing road development, electricity and sui gas installation, and plantation stage. After the soft launch, more commercial and residential plots will go on sale.



Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme is the first of its kind in Tehsil Samundri. The amenities in the gated community structure includes uninterrupted power supply through the separate feeders allocated for the residential scheme, asphalt roads throughout the community, sui gas facilities, 24/7 CCTV camera monitoring system, community parks and masjids, proper drainage and sewerage facilities for all homes and commercial areas.


Purchasing Guidelines

The purchase guide for all the housing societies is somehow similar, which is based on the assessment of following indicators if you are an investor or a resident.

  1. Make sure the concerned society is approved from the concerned authorities along with NOC from local departments.
  2. The letter of authority and possession must be assured by the builder/developer before receiving down payments.
  3. Always compare the facilities provided in the housing schemes with the available services outside the gated community. If it’s not worth the additional price, never buy land in that society.
  4. If you are an investor, beware of the long-term implications of the project and the expansion scope of the project in which to invest.
  5. For residents, make sure that the distance of a particular society is not too far away from the city center or your workplace. Residential schemes must be close enough from offices and nearby metropolitans for smooth commutes between home and work.


Booking Documentation Requirement

For land procurement, the booking documentation process is more or less the same for all the housing societies. Usually, the residential houses, suits, vertical apartments, commercial plots, multi-story buildings have different documentation requirements as per the rules and regulations set by the government and scheme administrations.

Booking forms are usually free of cost and can be obtained from the housing society office. During the form fulfilment process, applicants are required to signify which property type they are going to buy i.e., apartments, villas, shops, or offices etc. Afterwards, a payment challan must be submitted against the plot to be purchased or sometimes customers have to pay cash against a payment receipt provided by the housing society. Registration fees or booking fees vary for all housing societies and might change according to demand and popularity scale of particular schemes. Gulshan-e-Wahab scheme is a small to medium-scale housing project which does not require hefty documentations and booking fees. A fee challan or down payment will suffice for a possession.


Future Benefits

District Faisalabad is rapidly growing out of the bounds and is soon expected to accumulate nearby tehsils in the main city. With the speedy population growth and expansion, property rates are expected to rise in these areas. The development of roads and other facilities are also being expanded to these suburbs to halt the enormous expansion of Faisalabad and instead provide residents with equally contemporary accommodations to the people living in neighborhoods.

In future, Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme will be slightly adjacent and more accessible to Faisalabad city through established road network. For investors, the property prices will hike as more basic amenities, education, health, as well as linkages to G.T. Road are provided in near future. 


Where is Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme located?

Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme is located at 137 Road Near Aspire College, Tehsil Samundri, District Faisalabad. The scheme is easily accessible from Gojra, Dijkot, and Faisalabad.



What is the construction progress at Gulshan-e-Wahab housing project?

Presently, Gulshan-e-Wahab offers residential plots at pre-launch rates. The commercial plots will be on sale once the first-phase residential plots are completed.


Is Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme legal?

Yes, Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme is completely legal and officially documented project. The project is being constructed by Hussain Developers and marketed by HOPE Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


Are there any installment plans for Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme?

There are quarterly installment plans available for the scheme with partial possession during the process and complete possession once all dues are cleared.


How to buy a plot in Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme?

Contact Rana Talha Amir (0300 4524338), Mehran Shoukat (0300 7679853), and Rana Zain (0300 7211087) for availability and booking of residential plots.


What facilities are included in Gulshan-e-Wahab housing scheme master plan?

Gulshan-e-Wahab offers wide ranging amenities for its residents, which include gated community, full-time CCTV camera surveillance system, pre-installed gas and electricity, carpeted roads, adequate drainage facilities, parks, freshwater availability, and a planned hospital for society inhabitants.